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Our detailing packages will cleanse, decontaminate, correct, and protect your vehicle’s paint to the highest possible standards.

Explore our different levels of paint correction below to discover which best suits your vehicle’s needs. 

Our most popular detailing package, the Level 1 Correction involves two members of our team working on your vehicle for a full day, cutting and refining to improve paint clarity, depth and gloss.

Blue Lotus.jpg

New Vehicle Protection

From £325

Jamie from Automotive Detailing machine polishing a car bonnet

Paint Enhancement

From £275

Rear view of blue Ford Focus RS

Level 1 Correction

From £375

Front view of Frontline Developments MG electric vehicle

Level 2 Correction

From £750

If you're unsure which detailing package to choose, please send us an email, and we'll be more than happy to provide you with a personalised recommendation.

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