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Designed to Refresh, Rejuvenate and Increase Gloss

Jamie from Purity Automotive Detailing machine polishing a car bonnet

Paint Enhancement is designed to cleanse, decontaminate and enhance the paint of your vehicle.


Through machine polishing we are able to rejuvenate the paintwork and increase paint clarity, depth and gloss.

You can expect up to 65% defect removal from this service

Rear aerial view of grey Jaguar F-type

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  • You can expect our 10 step wash process

  • Tar, Iron and mineral deposits are treated and removed

  • Bonded contaminants are removed with clay

  • Dried using plush towels and forced air

  • The exhaust tips will be polished to a high shine

  • We then machine polish the paint, removing up to 65% of defects

  • Gloss black components are also polished to a high shine

  • We'll also apply a durable sealant to the paint and alloys

  • Freshly dressed tyres


CQuartz Ceramic Paint Coating (3 Yrs Protection)

CQuartz Ceramic Alloy Coating (2 Yrs Protection)

CQuartz Ceramic Glass Coating (2 Yrs Protection)

Engine Bay Detail





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