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Our Most Popular Machine Polishing Package

The Level 1 Correction is our most popular machine polishing package for a reason.

You can expect two members of our team working on your vehicle for the entire day. This enables us to focus more on the finer details and achieve a higher level of correction.

You can expect up to 75% defect removal from this service

Aerial view of blue Ford Focus RS bonnet

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  • You can expect our 10 step wash process

  • Tar, Iron and mineral deposits are treated and removed

  • Bonded contaminants are removed with clay

  • Dried using plush towels and forced air

  • The exhaust tips will be polished to a high shine

  • We then machine polish the paint, removing up to 75% of defects

  • Gloss black components are also polished to a high shine

  • We'll also apply a durable sealant to the paint and alloys

  • Freshly dressed tyres


CQuartz Ceramic Paint Coating (3 Yrs Protection)

CQuartz Ceramic Alloy Coating (2 Yrs Protection)

CQuartz Ceramic Glass Coating (2 Yrs Protection)

Engine Bay Detail





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