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Setting The Standard For Car Care


At Purity Detailing, we uphold the highest standards for every vehicle in our care. To ensure exceptional results, we recommend that you book this service if we haven't previously worked on your vehicle.

This package involves a meticulous exterior and interior clean, delivering a factory fresh finish that will leave your vehicle looking pristine.

By selecting this package, your vehicle will qualify for our exclusive maintenance scheme, guaranteeing ongoing care and maintenance to preserve its condition.

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  • You can expect our 10 step wash process

  • Tar and Iron deposits and treated and removed

  • Mineral deposits are safely dissolved

  • Vehicle dried using plush towels and forced air

  • We'll apply a durable protective sealant to the paint, glass and alloys

  • Exhaust tips (if present) will be polished

  • The tyres will be coated in a satin dressing


  • Crevices, seams and vents are cleaned using soft brushes and compressed air

  • Steering wheel and centre console is thoroughly cleaned to remove body oils, bacteria and dirt

  • The entirety of the interior incl. leather, textiles and plastics are steam cleaned

  • We'll even clean your pedals and other intricate areas

  • You can expect an extremely detailed vacuum using compressed air to dislodge ingrained dirt

  • Floor mats are shampooed, steamed, extracted and striped

  • The interior is left scented (optional)


12 Month Ceramic Coating

Engine Bay Detail

Anti-Bac Air Con Deodorizer 

Gtechniq Anti-Bac Leather Guard

Gtechniq Anti-Bac Smart Fabric






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