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Designed For The Motorbike Enthusiast

Tom from Purity Automotive Detailing cleaning motorbike wheels

The Bike Detail, tailored for passionate motorbike enthusiasts.

This detailed clean involves utilising a range of specialised tools to ensure every nook and cranny of your motorbike is degreased, cleaned and ready for use.

This package also includes polishing off all metal components and the application of a protective surface coating.

Side view of Ducati 1299 Panigale Motorbike

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  • Starting with our APC and Snow Foam pre-wash to loosen dirt and road grime prior to contact

  • The wheels are then intricately cleaned and decontaminated

  • We then move onto a thorough contact wash using the two bucket method

  • Using a variety of tools and soft brushes paired with a degreaser we tackle all intricate areas

  • Once clean we thoroughly rinse the bike paying special attention to sensitive areas

  • We then dry the bike using plush towels and compressed air

  • Now dry we apply our 3 month protective coating to every surface including the wheels

  • We'll also polish the exhaust and metal components where possible


Paintwork Machine Polished

Chain Cleaned and Degreased 

CQuartz Ceramic Paint Coating (3 Years Protection)

CQuartz Ceramic Alloy Coating (2 Years Protection)

Leather Guard (12 Months Protection)






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