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Our Most Intensive and Detailed Interior Clean

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Revitalize your vehicle's interior with our meticulous Interior Detail.


Our dedicated team thoroughly cleans and restores every surface, from upholstery and carpets to leather and vinyl.


This package will leave your vehicle feeling fresh and hygienic.

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  • An extremely detailed interior clean and decontamination

  • Hard to reach areas are cleaned using specialist tools and compressed air

  • All surfaces are steam cleaned to remove ingrained dirt and body oils, this process will also neutralize allergens and eliminate organic contaminants

  • Intricate areas are cleaned using steam, compressed air and detailing brushes i.e. pedals, cup holders, air vents etc.

  • The mats are removed, shampooed, steamed and extracted

  • Internal glass is cleansed and left smear free, incl. infotainment screens and dash clusters

  • We'll thoroughly vacuum the entire vehicle

  • To finish we scent the interior with one of our premium air fresheners


Anti-Bac Air Con Deodorizer 

Chlorine Treatment (Stubborn Odour Removal)

Gtechniq Anti-Bac Leather Guard

Gtechniq Anti-Bac Fabric Guard





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