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Enhance, protect and maintain your new vehicle

Our New Vehicle Protection package is the perfect start for your new vehicle.

This package offers complete exterior protection for your vehicle, including a three year ceramic paint coating and one year glass and alloy coating.

By selecting this package, your vehicle will qualify for our exclusive maintenance scheme, guaranteeing ongoing care and maintenance to preserve its condition.

Front view of blue Lotus

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  • You can expect our 10 step wash process

  • Tar and Iron deposits will be treated and safely removed

  • Mineral deposits will be safely dissolved

  • Your vehicle will be dried using plush towels and forced air

  • We'll apply a CQuartz ceramic coating to the paint, glass and alloys

  • Internal glass will be cleaned to remove streaks

  • To finish the tyres will be dressed using a satin coating


Paint Enhancement (Light Machine Polish)

Gtechniq 7 Year Ceramic Coating (CSL & Exo)

Gtechniq Anti-Bac Leather Guard

Gtechniq Anti-Bac Fabric Guard





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