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Enjoy a detailers touch on a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly basis

Lamborghini interior seat and steering wheel

Preserving your vehicle's appearance, protecting your investment, and avoiding unexpected costs.


Qualify for our Maintenance Detail with The Deep Clean or New Vehicle Protection package.

If your vehicle is brand new or in exceptional condition, enquire about eligibility.

Yellow Lamborghini aerial view of bonnet

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  • You can expect our 10 step wash process

  • Your vehicle will be dried using plush towels

  • We'll top up the existing paint, alloy and glass coating with a spray sealant

  • We'll ensure the glass is left streak free

  • To finish we'll dress the tyres with a satin finish


  • We start by dusting down vents, seams and intricate areas with soft detailing brushes

  • The steering wheel and high contact areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised

  • All other components are wiped down incl. leather, fabric and plastic

  • We'll thoroughly vacuum the entire vehicle

  • Mats are removed, shampooed, blown out and striped

  • The internal glass in cleaned to remove smears

  • We finish with a few sprays from one of our fragrances

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